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    I know this has been covered before. However I just wanted to say. I registered 2 domains about 2 years ago both being the same domain name except 1 was .biz and other was .info. I couldn't get .com .net or .org at the time. Recently I realised the .org became available (about 3 months ago). I snatched it up and it is already on 1st page for the keywords in question and quite a competitive niche although not Im or anything. the .info and .biz are nowhere near the 1st page of google after 2 years.

    I checked to see if .org still had any backlinks from the person who owned it previous and no it didn't and wayback machine says it was parked its whole life.

    So I think that goes to show that if you going to get domains your better off with .orgs than .info and .biz.

    Then again I might have been lucky.
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    if you see keith baxter video about organic traffic, he recommended .org better than .com and .net but most of people will go by .com .net and . org. btw you can find the video in this forum.