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Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Xjin2, Apr 25, 2016.

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    I am building my brand acc and I create good content. I have all of the pics with an engagement rate ranging from 7% to over 10% for a total of 9K followers. Sometimes, especially those pics with around 10% engagement rate would bring me over 100 organic followers for one day. I have several questions for how to increase organic followers,

    1, I understood that the pics would have to have high engagement to trigger the organic increase wave. But how IG defines the trigger point? Is this related to the mount of followers (for example, rate of likes/total followers)? or it simply requires that, for example, in a specific time period to reach specific amount of likes?

    2, where are those organic followers come from? Is this something related to hashtags being used or ?

    Thank you so much for reading my post.
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    I think it depends on the type of followers you get.

    I have noticed when using a bot, all the followers you get are other accounts trying to get big just doing the same follow/unfollow behavior.

    When you run an account by hand and run it "normally", they are mostly real people.

    I have a small sample size I tested so I may be wrong. But doing heavy follow/unfollow just brings you other accounts doing the same thing. It probably looks pretty obvious if you are scanning the data.
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    I'm not sure anyone truly knows the algorithm's trigger point, but you are on the right track with your ideas. While you can rank very high and easily on some hashtags, ranking high in the explore window is a mystery.

    Maybe I've been lucky, I get 10,000 new followers a day (a total of 550K across 104 accounts) all from botting. I'd say most of them are real normal people.

    A good bot interacts with IG the same way a person does. period. theres no way to tell the difference - IF DONE RIGHT... Done wrong, and its very easy to tell and IG flags and bans those accts quickly.
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    It can be very tricky finding triggers for things like this, if you want to have a better change at narrowing it down, it's best to do things on a much bigger scale. When your trying to find algo trips, if you do it on large scale the triggers will become more evident than if you where running your test across just a small amount of accounts. Try running 1000 + accounts and you will see what I mean if your looking for it.