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    Are you still doing dropship and earn little profit? or You have an ecommerce website but tired of sourcing, warehousing,inventory management,order management, picking packing and shipping cost? Products unsalable or out of stock? We can help with low cost

    1. Were your products sourced/manufactured in China?

    2. No warehouse to store your products in your country? Or can not afford the cost of warehousing? We can help with free warehouse for 90 days. It is easy to supplement products, so you can send small quatities to our warehouse, saving your budget.

    3. No software to manage inventory and orders or the software is very expensive? We can help with free software of inventory management and order management

    4. Need to pay high duty fee? We can pick pack and ship individual package to your customer directory so that there is no duty fee.

    5. Picking packing and shipping takes a lot of time and labor cost? We can help with low cost

    6. Paying retail postage & shipping with no discount? We have the cheapest international shipping rate

    Our company provides services of Crowdfunding and Order Fulfillment Service. Including products sourcing/manufacturing, free China warehousing, picking packing and worldwide shipping from China. If you would like customized service such as printing a logo on your shipping bag, placing a card in the parcel and so on. We can send your order directly to your customers to save your time and labor cost. Big discount with DHL EMS Fedex and so on. Amazing low cost shipping fee!

    My company can link with 30 different merchants like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Woocommerce & many more

    If you are interested, add my skype: xnstandy or search our company:ChinaDivision in google
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    I will be skyping you.