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    I've created a word press blog that I would like to have optimized for the search engines. I'm not in a real rush to create backlinks but
    my aim is to create unique content on high authority sites with the below keywords as anchor texts.

    playstation network free
    free psn codes
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    psn codes for free
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    My question is should I just create content off site and use the keywords as backlink anchor texts directed to my dot com
    or should I create pages on my blog with unique content and backlink them as follows?

    backlink with anchor text "Playstation Network Free" -> psnboy.com/playstation-network-free
    backlink with anchor text "Free PSN Codes" -> psnboy.com/free-psn-codes
    backlink with anchor text "PSN Codes Free" -> psnboy.com/psn-codes-free
    backlink with anchor text "PSN Free Codes" -> psnboy.com/psn-free-codes
    backlink with anchor text "PSN Codes for Free" -> psnboy.com/psn-codes-for-free
    backlink with anchor text "Free Playstation Network Codes" -> psnboy.com/free-playstation-network-codes
    backlink with anchor text "Playstataion Network Codes for Free" -> psnboy.com/playstation-network-codes-for-free
    backlink with anchor text "PSN Codes Free" -> psnboy.com/psn-code-free
    backlink with anchor text "Free PSN Code" -> psnboy.com/free-psn-code

    Or would the best seo practice be to create pages targeting each specific keyword and get backlinks specific to that keyword and create content off site and randomly use my keyword
    list to use anchor texts pointed to my dot com?

    So an example would be:

    10 unique high authority articles with anchor text "Playstation Network Free" pointed at psnboy.com/playstation-network-free
    10 unique high authority articles with anchor text "Playstation Network Free" pointed at psnboy.com

    I was thinking maybe this would be the same with blog comments?

    This seems overly complicated to me so I appreciate your feed back and thanks in advance.

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    Focus more on creating high quality, engaging content -- and engage your visitors. A niche like that, i'm sure already has some pretty cool blogs, so you have some work to do. Start blogging, and create TOP NOTCH Content, content that people wil "Remember" and want to share with their social media family, and friends. Make sure to establish a thorough internal linking structure.

    SEO should not be your only source of traffic. As you build content, using yuor wordpress blog -- the more content that you build, the more pages your site will have. The more pages that your site has, the more listing that your site will posess in Google, Yahoo, Etc. The more listings = the more traffic. Traffic will eventually come. Stay focused.

    Link building will then become a natural patern, as your readers (among others) will link to it, from their blogs, etc.

    As time passes, it's ok to slowly create some links. But it's not necessary. If you insist, use your above mentioned method.

    Thanks and if you guys have anymore questions, please feel free to PM me, and I'll be more than pleased to help you resolve your problems/Questions...
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    May be I misunderstood smth. You have only a wordpress blog and you are going to optimize it? Or you have a website also and wp blog is like a helper for your optimization? :stups:

    You have to find resources with high PR and put your unique articles with anchors there. If your blog is your helper for optimizing your website, so you can put articles with links on your blog.

    Better don't use the same anchor text in all articles!
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    I agree with starway: don't overdo the anchor text optimization. I've looked at sites that I was considering buying that had way to many anchor text links. Once I found a site that had over 100 links from different domains with the exact same anchor text. I couldn't find where the site ranked on the first 10 pages of Google for the keyword. But the page that did rank #1 in Google for the same keyword only had one link pointing to it with the anchor text as the keyword.