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    Dec 8, 2015
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    I would have a question to ask to the community as it will be the first time that i try PBN linking to boost up some rankings.

    I have this amazon niche website, targeting 1 KW per article. For the low competition, no problem, they ranked naturally page 1 in good position.

    But i want now to target some harder KW. Blog post has been post one week ago, and it stands now in postion 28 on Google. I have a PBN of 5 websites, and i want to begin building links

    So let's say, i want to rank page 1 for the keyword "Bacon" - I write a blog post about the best "bacon" per PBN website that i post on them.

    What kind of anchor should I use? Should i use the word "bacon" on my text as an anchor and link to the inner page of my money site.
    Or just link any part to my money site and google will understand that the article linking to my money page is talking about bacon??

    Thanks for your help