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Discussion in 'Link Building' started by spruitje, Feb 9, 2012.

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    I have been building some mns lately and slowly started to build some links for the last two weeks. I say slowly because with these sites I wanted to try the quality over quantity aproach while they are still young (domains less than 1 month). So I started building high PR links (on pages with PR4+) and edu/gov links. These were almost all decent comments on moderated blogs, low OBL, about 10/ day, all done manually.

    When I saw the exel sheet in which I record link urls earlier today, it suddenly occured to me that this is not exactly your average link profile for a mns. (Just imagine a simple page on kitty litter with 150 edu links and you get the picture.) I though about dilluting the quality a bit by throwing in some crappy AA links, but I'm a bit reluctant to start blasting directly to the sites while they are still this young.

    So my first question to you all would be: Do you use a certain mix of high/low PR, edu/.com to make things look "more natural", or do you tend to go for high quality only and blast the crappy ones to 2nd tier, regardless of the sites content?

    And the second is: Can a high quality link profile throw up red flags?