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    I am a couple months from launching my CPA network. While I have not been active in the industry for about 7 years, prior to that time, I ran very large affiliate programs for 10 years.

    My question to you is this....What features would you like to see? .... besides the obvious stuff that most affiliate programs provide? For example, we already have state of the art tracking with Flash cookies, along with normal cookies, direct linking, multiple promotional material types, etc. But, what beyond this stuff would you want if you could have the perfect affiliate program? Of course, that assumes that we have great offers. That's a given.

    Outside of great offers, what features do you want/need that you can't get anywhere else. Or, that you are getting somewhere else but would suggest we add to the program?

    My dedication was always to my affiliates when I was running my programs in the past. We created tools to help the affiliates long before any other programs did. We came up with some of them on our own. But, many were recommended by our affiliates. You are the ones out there making it happen. We want to give you everything possible thing we can to help you succeed.

    Besides any suggestions you give me, I can assure you that I have a feature no one else has added to any affiliate program anywhere on the internet that I believe will create the highest converting affiliate programs on the internet. This is why I am not launching yet. The affiliate code is done and ready. But, this feature is taking a large amount of custom programming.

    When I add this feature to the affiliate code we already have and then add the suggestions from this forum, I promise that there won't be an affiliate program that compares.

    I really look forward to your opinions. Please post your thoughts.

    Thank you in advance for your time.