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    I have been building pages for 16 years and just this past couple of years I switched over from the old school HTML static code to using CMS (joomla) software. I have a #1 ranked site on all search engines for my market so getting rankings is not my primary need.

    In the old days ( 4 years ago) I was making $600 - $800 per month using adsense and really only using one add near the top of my category pages. Now days I am using adsence on every page and submitting new articles every day to my site embedding adsense as well.

    These days I am only pulling in a little over $100.00 dlls per month. I want to be clear that Adsense is not the base of the income from my domain, but it helps. Traffic is not what it used to be because my website is a Mexico tourism based city directory even being #1 and having the best domain name possible for my market.

    I am looking into SEO software to try and spike traffic.
    Article submission to other websites seems to be one option and ?Article marketing robot? looks like what I need to invest in however, I believe the need for another program to harvest good places to submit my articles to.
    It looks like scrape box can do that job.

    Is using these two programs my best way to go?
    Magic Submitter looks good as well but I don?t want to get into a monthly subscription since I have spent some good money on Facebook adds with not a sale in a week.

    Back Hat World is a great place for this kind of feed back.
    The thing I like the most is: If someone is trying to pull a scam, he usually gets flamed immediately and called out by the veteran membership.