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    I'm going to try my best to explain my dilemma. I want to start my online website, I postponed it, because a) I thought it [working online] was going to be temporary, but I did very well, so I registered a domain which is now 6 years old.

    My main shortcoming in the starting is the images, most websites, have a solid white edited background. Because of my niche (Jewelry) I bought backgrounds (I have a white one) a lightbox, and SLR, for ebay the images were far superior and atleast = to the larger companies with 10-80,000 feedback.

    Like ebay in the beginning, I could not afford to hire anyone so I had to do all the mundane tasks, later, I was able to afford to hire data entry, a designer, etc.

    Most retail shops content pages are white, do you think the image quality would turn away customers.