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    Hi ctclocal here. This is my first post, so I figured I'd do a brief introduction.

    I have avoided black hat SEO for some time now. My core expertize if you will has been local PPC. I've also had success with localized SEO. That is my niche. I deal with B2B.

    I'm not an affiliate marketer. I hope that's not a problem. I believe in helping others and learning from others. And hope to do so here.

    As I said, I've avoided black hat SEO like it was a red headed step child. Why? Because I feared that the Google gods would de-index my business clients. I thought, it's one thing if I get my own site banned. it's another thing completely if say a client who is a PI attorney has their site banned.

    Someone defined FEAR as False Expectations Appearing Real. Meaning a fear of a thing often has no basis in reality. So, it's time to get educated.

    I look forward to reading your post and contributing where I can.

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