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  1. After the last algo update only my inner pages are ranking for my keywords. My homepage only ranks for our brand and the inner pages have been bouncing for well over a month like a pair of double D's in a cross country race. the homepage was top 10 for about 15 keywords until Penguin 1.1 update. I have about 50% of my back links pointing to my homepage and the anchor is varied. I am wondering if I hit some sort of filter or we are penalized. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated as we are losing money every day this isn't fixed. Thanks
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  2. steelballs

    steelballs BANNED BANNED

    Dec 5, 2008
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    You need more backlinks to
    FF - GG etc ;)
  3. Cranula

    Cranula Junior Member

    Apr 1, 2012
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    Do you have links from your internal pages pointing back to your main homepage?
  4. assphuck

    assphuck Senior Member

    Feb 22, 2009
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    Maybe a breast reduction surgery would improve your ranks? :D

    Seriously, check to see if those pages that are ranking have been backlinked the least by you. If this is the case, build some QUALITY in-content links to the pages you want to rank with generic anchor text. What you described is typical of an "over optimized" site. Without seeing, there is no way for us to tell for sure, but I'd suspect that's your problem. Move forward slowly and focus on quality. Good luck.
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  5. markhenry121

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    Oct 14, 2011
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    i will suggest check your site, check keyword density Homepage and inner page,not add or use more links if you use more links that's means over optimize your site.i will suggest use sitemap and every page have only one link homepage link.also check Internal links and External link.
  6. cdenet

    cdenet Registered Member

    Apr 25, 2009
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    Detroit, USA
    #1 Any webmaster tools messages? Anything peculiar in crawl stats or sitemap errors?
    #2 Pages that lost rank are still indexed?
    #3 Did you check Trends on the keywords that are messed up? Maybe it's not just you ...

    How long have those inner pages been bouncing? Is your competition bouncing too?

    If you're still unsure, the obvious answer is find a way to convert off the pages that are still performing.

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    Jan 26, 2010
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    Home Page:
    If you have used the same anchors too many times, you have over-optimized your home page and it was hit by Penguin. If you want to recover, you have to make a full analysis of your homepage backlinks and then come up with a plan to make your backlink profile look more natural. Diversify your anchors and links. Make Raw Links, use generic keywords like click here, read more etc. use long tail keywords.

    You can recover your site by doing that. Another thing you could do is change your home page. For example site.com to site.com/home/. 301 redirect your home page to the new home page and make the new links with diversified anchors and sources pointed to the new homepage. Make some of the links to your old page and some of the links to the new page.
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  8. Yes after reviewing yesterday I found around 10 posts done a while ago that are linking to our homepage. hmmm...
  9. #1 - No message from webmaster tools - There are some crawl errors showing up from some pages that I deleted (around 83). I had created some inner pages that were state based and were associated with my niche. I think one mistake I made was creating the pages without content and then slowly putting the content on the pages. Maybe G thought the pages looked auto generated and i got slapped for that. All pages are deleted now but they are still being detected in webmaster tools.
    #2 - Yes the pages I lost are still indexed - However a search on our exact title tag shows a press release for us at #1 and then our site at #2
    #3 - I have checked the keywords and it is not just me. They are still getting searched about the same amount.

    - Competition is staying steady - by bouncing I mean around 50 spots per day for many of our keywords.

    The inner pages that are ranking are for things like articles and not product pages. If this was an affiliate site, I would just burn it do a redirect and start over with a new domain, but we have a branded site with our actual products on it so that is not possible.