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    Jun 24, 2013
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    I am expert to make auto-pilot systems and is expert in PHP (12+ years experimence).

    I am about to create a Autopilot system to make Made For Adsense niche sites in seconds.

    This is how i will do it:
    #Step 1
    - User types a primary keyword ex. "Weight Loss".
    - User types secondary keywords (long tail keywords)
    - User press next and comes to step 2:

    #Step 2:
    - The system does now find usefull content for secondary keywords, and make innerpage for each keyword in high-optimized SEO. The user can now chose which to use, edit them or cancel them.

    #Step 3:
    - User chose the html template example ( responsive templates, a lot differents)
    - User chose how to earn money, ex. "Adsense?", "Clickbank?", "Amazon"?
    - User chose the ID for either adsense, clickbank or amazon.
    - User press next

    #Step 4
    - User chose template editing, ex. insert header, chose colors etc.,

    #Step 5
    User can not insert other tracking javascript ex. Analytics, etc.,

    Step 6:
    - User is now done, user can via dashboard edit pages, insert new, set it on autopilot etc.,
    - User can now download the whole site in High Speed HTML5 optimzed, minified, or enter FTP details and upload though site.
    - If user want to update pages / autopiloting, the user has to turn auto ftp upload on, so it automaticly update .
    User can chose between updating 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 1 week, never.

    What do you think about this system? And would you buy it when it's done? Price $50.

    If there any other features you'd like to add?