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Online MLM Leads - Awesome Product

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by alabasterfairy, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. alabasterfairy

    alabasterfairy Newbie

    Mar 26, 2010
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    Brisbane, Australia
    I have come across a product that is set up under a MLM structure. I know, I know.. SCAM! SCAM! But, no - not going to spam it here and it's blown me away for the product's effectiveness. Genuine question, this is.

    Basic gist is that it is a fuel treatment which, when added to your fuel tank, gives you about an extra 120 miles to a tank. Also strengthens engine performance and reduces emissions as an added bonus. So it has the potential to be pretty huge if you can reach the right leads in the right way. All the promo material is there, as well as scientific reports etc.

    I've not done online MLM before. I would kiss the ground that anyone walked on if they could help with getting this going quicker, online. Not to drive around in a beamer or anything. Rather to simply move back to perform mass repairs on my home in Christchurch.

    No problems paying for the right services or software.
  2. zebrahat

    zebrahat Elite Member

    Aug 6, 2008
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    [email protected]
    Your best two approaches would be to 1) create a minisite which discusses fuel treatment products and offers (say) a free ebook, that those interested have to opt in for, and 2) join energy tech forums, groups or communities interested in fuel treatment, so you can discuss this subject with those already fascinated by it. You might also create a site that promotes your preferred financial guru (Kiyosaki, et al) that comes with an opt in offer, to attract those who are already "in the zone" of the right pro-MLM mindset to become part of your team.

    One other way is to list 5 or so general interests you have that are NOT related to your MLM niche, and join communities devoted to those subjects. Genuinely participate in and engage each community, and introduce your opportunity on the side. The largest forums will have some place or section to post ad messages, or will let you list your blog url in your signature. The difference here is that you will have a more genuine basis to really build a relationship with those who respond to your MLM, because they will have two common interests in line with you (general topic X, and the opp) instead of just one.
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