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    Oct 11, 2012
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    Hello Every one I own a call center in Malaysia I am looking for a person with a merchant account where I can process my sales we take orders over the phone
    I am looking for a person from Australia USA or Canada those who willing to make money from home or want to run a part time business you are welcome
    you must be older then 21 with a good credit score I need a person who can set up a company and open paypal Virtual terminal or any other high risk merchant account monthly revenue is above 40k a month for more details pls contact me here thanks :)
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    Aug 8, 2014
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    Greeting To All,

    We Jorge Finance company & Risk Solutions, is a one-stop shop for high risk merchant transaction services. We can align nearly any type of high risk business with card processing & gateway services. If you have chargeback problems due to Suspicious,we can work with you to get your numbers back to where they need to be to maintain healty relationships with the card schemes and acquirers.

    Another avenue that many high-risk businesses don't consider is increasing their revenue by adding alternative payment options to their sites. In many countries, credit cards are not the most popular payment option or their use may be heavily restricted. Adding localized alternative payment options for customers in your targeted geographies can significantly increase your sales. We have extensive experience working with alternative payment options in the global payments landscape & can help you get traction in challenging markets.

    Come to us with any questions you may have as to how we can asist you.

    Best Regards.
    Jorge Teotico
    Skype: jorge.teotico
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    hi, if still looking hi risk merchant acc, i can help you