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Online Brainstorming Software

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by pyronaut, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. pyronaut

    pyronaut Supreme Member

    Dec 9, 2008
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    Ok so im currently finishing off my Microsoft SQL Server qualification, and i need to do a final project of a full database plan from start to finish.

    And. Im onto the first hurdle and getting pretty pissed off :p.

    I need to create an ORM diagram. If you dont know what that is then just think of it as a brainstorm essentially. It just describes whats in the database and how they relate. So

    Customer --Has--> Firstname
    ----------Has--> Lastname

    And you get the idea. Essentially just a flow chart essentially.

    So far ive tried most online platforms including things like bubbl.us. But they are either too colorful or too limiting. Or just annoying as hell. The lines connecting everything up need to be straight not like kinks in them and doing that with some of these online sites seems to be a nightmare.

    So i tried with Microsoft Visio which even has a whole toolbox for creating "ORM Diagrams". But its friggin terrible. Everything is impossible to click. If you move a line, it moves the line, but you then have to restretch it to connect to the boxes again. All in all crap software.

    So anything out there that is actually worthwhile brainstorming software. Online or Downloadable.

    Failing that. Im sharpening my pencil.