Ongoing linkbuilding strategies - I need an advice

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by laetus, Oct 31, 2011.

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    Salutations to all BHW members!

    Nowadays I'm puzzled with a question. I own several MFA sites and earn some from them. And I'd like to earn more than I do now. All of my sites are pure whitehat and I don't want to play with Google but want to slowly turn my sites to authority ones and get adsense earnings constantly grow up.

    As far as I'm aware at this moment to acheive my goal I have to do the following:

    • Do keywords research and find good longtail keywords for each site's theme
    • Add quality and unique content to each of my sites
    • Constantly build good quality backlinks to my sites' pages (to homepage and to inner pages)

    I have no problem with the 1st & 2nd points - I own a licensed Market Samurai copy and it helps me a lot in keyword research and monitoring tasks. And here on BHW I found some good articles writers who write articles of decent quality for me for a reasonable price. The single remaining question - is about linkbuilding.

    I'd like to get decent backlinks from different sources constantly and I'm ready to invest money in that. Right now I try to monitor the BST section and "try this and that", check results and remember for myself which service is good for me and wich isn't good enough. I'd like to have more order with that.

    So my question is - can you please recommend a strategy on ongoing backlinks building or a trusted, reliable and not much expensive service provider? I don't work in very competitive niches and strongly beleive that my goals can be acheived without super-efforts. Just order and discipline in SEO work.

    Would be very much appreciated for any useful advice!

    Thank you in advance!