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    Hey guys,

    I'm just weighing up all the positives and negatives with this but want to know how much this would actually help my SERPS.

    EG: example my micro niche domain "white wedding shoes" ranking #1

    I own a domain that is ranking #1 for my main keyword eg(white wedding shoes) which is a micro niche and exact searches from Adwords are around 40k. But am ranking for the more broad keyword "wedding shoes" in that niche on page 4 which gets around 200k exact searches.

    Now when searching for wedding shoes I ended up contacting all the sites that I think would sell advertising. I ended up with 1, which is ranking on page 2 for that keyword and is wanting me to pay $200PA.

    I am hoping by buying the spot, will help my SERPS and push it from page 4.

    Now my question is: If has one-way anchor links within his article to my site, how much juice would this give me? I mean it will be hard to tell but does anyone have any past experiences with this type of link building?