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One Vs Multiple Page Site For Building Quality Email List?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Ghoro, Oct 26, 2014.

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    Jun 16, 2012
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    After doing a lot of reading, I'm sold on the idea of trying to deliver valuable content to my email lists to build trust and authority, before ever trying to sell them on anything. As well as trying to aim for high quality and a well targeted list, over just a huge list. However how my site should be setup, when the traffic comes from PPC(Bing or AdWords), as well as other paid ads to get that quality and targeted list I'm a bit unsure of, mainly should it be one vs multiple pages.

    I have read that having the paid ad lead to a landing page with multiple links and pages for the visitor to click on is bad because it gives the user to many things to do and time to eventually leave without ever signing up for your mailing list. Which of course makes sense, but is it a case where you're only further weeding out those that weren't really interested and strengthening the trust of those that are? Or is there a point where even those that could be turned into a sale down the line will get distracted by browsing your website? But at the same time how and when would you build trust on a one page site?

    For example say someone searches for "how to tie your shoes" and they click on your ad, with a multiple page site, it makes sense that they are sent to an article explaining how best to tie your shoes, but for a one page site would you really have just one full article explaining how to tie your shoes? I feel like for a one page site, it only makes sense to have a squeeze page telling them why they should give their email for a free ebook that will explain to them how to do it. Which at that point you didn't build any trust before getting their email, but of course can try and build that trust later by sending quality emails.

    I'm thinking for a multiple page site it would not be huge, just maybe five or so pages related to the topic, with an opt in form on all pages to gain my free give away.

    Mainly, while a paid ad to a one page site that only has a free give away is more likely to have low quality opt ins, the idea of paying to have a paid ad send them to what's basically just a normal blog/article site seems weird and a bit off to me. Of course if my traffic was coming from SEO, which I don't plan to even deal with that as of now, then the best thing would be a multiple page site and would need to be far more than just five pages.

    I know there can be a lot of factors that determine which may work the best, such as the niche and the best way for me to find out is to split test and I plan to do that, but I would still like to hear from other people with much more experience on the matter as well.

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