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Feb 3, 2009
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Hi Fellow Black Hatters. I need someone to design and put together a one page squeeze page for me to give away some free IM information. I am quite new to all this so I cant do the squeeze page my self. I will need an audio file adding to it as well and I wondered what cost it would be to have one made up for me. I need it quite quickly.

Any one interested? I am not sure of the costs so get in touch so we can speak some more.


if you can wait for a say or two. I am going to share WP installation videos in here for FREE.

Otherwise you can go to youtube and learn wordpress(WP) installation. Otherwise a simple page may cost you around $50
Ok cool, I have been waiting a few days for the squeeze page software. Any idea when it become available Virus-1720?

I am looking forward to it.

Warm Regards

I am not sure how learning to Install WP will solve the issue of the squeeze page?? Unless you know how to configure the WP , it will be as futile.

@Virus, are u doing up a video of customizing a WP??
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