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One of our own...

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by huntersplace66, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. huntersplace66

    huntersplace66 Junior Member

    Oct 15, 2009
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    Ok guys, be very cautious of doing business with All_Terrain.....
    A few weeks ago i bought 10 PVA accounts from him with a few extra that he threw in for good measure...All fine and dandy, right ?!?!
    I Paid on a Friday evening (late) and he delivered....Good....
    Sunday morning i went to post and guess what, there were already posts made that day and a few post on earlier days...I opened up one of the ads posted that day and the poster put his phone number in the ad...I called it and actually spoke with the poster !!! I told him i bought these accounts from All_Terrain from BHW...He said he bought the SAME accounts from All_Terrain from BHW earlier in the week !!!
    I immediately tried to contact All_Terrain to no avail for the next few days...I then posted a thread in one of the forums in here on the CL section about this guy and it wasnt til then that he responded saying it must be my fault blah blah blah and that he would send me new ones...Well its over a week since that post saying he will replace them and i still dont have what i paid for...He actually sent me 4 PVA's over the weekend after alot of lies on his part and alot of bitching on my side and told me to leave him alone and he will get the rest to me when he feels like it !!!!
    Its been almost 2 weeks since i originally bought and paid for these PVA's and here i am, still waiting !!!!
    So anyone thinking about doing business with this guy, i would be very careful !!!!