one of my sites doesnt load css in firefox


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May 15, 2010
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This is killing me, I cant figure out why this works in explorer but not firefox. Any of you kids know why? Thanks in advance

commercialmortgagesource blot com
copy the css file . leave once with .css extension & remove the extension for the second file. see if it helps.
that does not work on fire fox or explorer on my pc
I just had a quick look, I inspected your CSS with firebug and it comes up with all these asian characters.

like this:
1ഊ⼪ഊ 䑥獩杮⁢礠䙲敥⁃卓⁔敭灬慴敳ഊ

Make a new CSS file and copy the contents into that. backup the old CSS file and put the new one in the same directory.

I've attached a new CSS file to here... give that a try.


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didnt work, but thanks, I did it anyway just in case it prevents future errors

at elmos Thanks for the file, I'll give it a shot
Not a kid - but I can tell you why ur CSS is broke - the first character in the css file, which you probably can't see, is '\u6c63' which is triggering FireFox to attempt to interpret the rest of your CSS as Japanese. Delete any blanks, white spaces etc in notepad from the top of the CSS file, so that the first line first character is "/" - the beginning of the comments - and it will work fine.
did you try what I said?

try to change to full url for your css file, instead of relevant.
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ok, I looked into the code, your css looks fine from where I see. if you made a copy like I asked the first time, change the name from

<link href="default.css"


<link href="default"
I think what orlandolongwood said is right, it looks like there is a character infront of his CSS.
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