One more Journey - From nothing to independency

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    Hello BHW Members,

    I'm new here so I think you don't know me :) About 6 months I was just reading this forum and trying to get some ideas for money making. Now, when I have some ideas and goals , I think I'll try to realize them.

    From today I'm going to start a new Journey. My main goal for this journey is to be more independent from my parents. I just want to take care of myself and help my parents from financial side. What I?ve done now is some Affiliate websites (I earn some money from them but not very much) only. Let's talk about what I'm going to do and what are my goals.

    What I'll use:
    • YT + Fileice + ****** (I?m not sure about ******)
    • MNS Sites + Adsense
    • Affiliate Sites (I have 2 at the moment)
    • Fiverr

    My goals now:
    • Make steady 10USD/Day (I'll raise up this goal when I reach it)
    • Make 3 MNS
    • Make my first 100USD and invest them into software that can help me to work

    I know that to do a lot of things at the same time aren't very good so firstly I'll work with Youtube and Fiverr. If I have some success, I'll start to work with other things too while making money from YT.

    Today or tommorow I'll post my first day progress.
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    good work ,subscribe this thread