One Great Thing at a Time

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    Aug 7, 2016
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    It used to be my biggest problem. It IS still my biggest problem. And I'm pretty sure it is the biggest problem for most people.

    Overthinking. Being paranoid. Negative thinking. Outcome dependence.

    The most obvious yet the most neglected fact -- We only have control of the moment. What we are going to do at this very moment is all that matters. What will happen in the future will always be a question no matter how good you are at containing circumstances. But if we focus on what exists NOW, we can, at a certain level, influence future events. :)

    So yes, just one great thing at a time.

    Dropping by 'cause Diamond Damien sent me. Not literally, I just received what I believe to be an automated message after registration.

    But still, I'm pretty excited about the things I'm going to learn here.