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On the road...

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by bathead, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. bathead

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    May 12, 2017
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    Over there
    I've seen lots of threads on here about the first steps on a journey, first earned pennies and thought i'd post mine. If I slack off this post will annoy me and hopefully remind me to keep going; or more hopefully give me a smile at how small scale I once was. :)

    Method 1. Bing Ads & (initially) Clickbank (I'm new to Bing Ads so got a £50 voucher code.)
    I researched for promotions with gravity between 20-40, picked a couple and then chose the one with what I thought to be the best landing page, including not leaking elsewhere.

    I researched the results in Bing for the money keywords and found there were already ads. However, the ad copies and domains were very keyword intense and salesy for these, more for Bing and not the visitor. I bought a cheap .com that is keyword related but not in the face and set up the Clickbank landing page.

    I set up the campaign in Bing with keyword themes broken down into separate ad-groups and did all the optimisations for the campaign. For the ads I am trying to make sure I appeal to the audience, rather than sell.

    My concern was that if I understand correctly the first ad clicked on has the cookie and therefore any subsequent ads clicked on are irrelevant, so my great ad (tongue in cheek) may be useless at position 5 if other variations are clicked first.

    Anyway 10 days in and i've got about 3.5% CTR and 3% sales and pocketed about £23 after Bing and deductions etc. Not a big deal but it shows to me it works and for 2-3 hours work is not too bad. I still have about 40% of the voucher left so it will be interesting to see where im at then.

    Will I scale up on this campaign? Not really, the temptation is to bang up bids and budget and add in all the suggested keywords. But in my experience expenditure can spiral out of control and the mindset of leaving it running for another couple of days because you never know 2-3 sales might just happen, then all that profit evaporates. I'll probably gently tweak and perform maintenance like pausing keywords with high impressions, no click. Then diversify with a different offer and repeat the above, then ditto.

    Personally I don't want to do too much with Bing as I want to find other methods without the constant overheads and risk, but a few hundred a month invested could pay my mortgage. I would recommend giving a Bing a go with a voucher and be very targeted and focused.

    But of course now that I have written this I will fall flat on my nose! :)

    Method 2 Twitter and ??. I'm currently building up some accounts and when getting big enough will sign up to a couple of CPA accounts and see where we go. I'm building across a couple of niches but the same kind of person.

    Method 3 Website/s and Adsense. Will make a new post on this. I have an old always neglected site that had been infected, poor ranking and Adsense running. Doing some work and getting an occasional £2-£5 US click on very little traffic. Working hard on this on as I can see opportunity to create around 10-15 'sister sites' and have jotted down a target of £100+ a day earnings.