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    I'm starting up my first eCommerce site (selling affiliate products) and am running into many more on site SEO issues that I didn't have to deal with when creating my adSense site.

    My site features hundreds of products, all in the same basic category (a specific piece of furniture) so I don't know that a silo structure is appropriate, though I have plans to expand it into related furniture pieces if the site works out at which point I will silo each section.

    How do you guys handle on site SEO for this type of site? Specifically:

    • Product pages: Noindex? Nofollow on the internal links or just the external? Should I backlink to these if indexed?
    • Category pages: Same thing....should I noindex the base catalog page and send everything to my homepage instead? The site is divided into 2 catalogs, one of which is a subset of the other (basically a "best value" grouping from the larger set). I assume links here should be followed so crawlers go from homepage->category->product
    • There is a section devoted to learning about the furniture that talks about styles, materials, etc. I'll probably end up with half a dozen or so of these pages initially and add or update one every now and then. Should these be heavily backlinked because they feature text and have all of the normal blog-like on site SEO? They should rank well because of the targeted content, but do I want people going to these pages or to the homepage that I'm not sure will be as easy to rank? The top page of this section will have about 600 unique words between the opening description and 6 custom excerpts from the articles.
    • My homepage displays 10 products (2 featured products and the 8 most recently added products). There is an exerpt from the description of both of the featured products and an exerpt from the most recent or first stickied post in the learning section. I plan on writing custom excerpts for these things to get unique content, but in total I'm still only looking at about 200 words on the homepage as it is dominated by images. Of course I will build backlinks to this page, but should I focus entirely on it or will I need to use link juice from the article pages to rank something with thin word content?