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On site duplicate content

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by TrainerAdd, May 25, 2015.

  1. TrainerAdd

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    May 19, 2015
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    I wanted to clear something up regarding on site duplicate content and how it could or is affecting how Google ranks or doesn't at all rank certain pages due to on site duplicate content. First of all let me explain my situation and how my site works.

    My site lists all the latest Nike sneaker releases. The homepage is designed so the 28 most recently added sneakers are displayed. The home page does not have too much text, just the sneaker name and colour.

    The site has menus and drop down menus so users can choose more specifically which Nike sneakers they would like to view. The site used to show more than just Nike sneakers so this page exists (but is not internally linked to) product-category/mens-trainers/ which congregates all the sites sneakers so will duplicate the sneaker name and colour from the homepage. This page should probably be no indexed?

    The page I'm not as sure about is product-category/mens-trainers/nike/ this is accessed by clicking the Men's Nike tab on the homepage and congregates all the sites Nike sneakers so again duplicates some of the sneaker name and colour (once on the homepage, once on the mens trainers page and once on this page).

    The site also has categories for the different sneaker models so for example in the drop down menu this page product-category/mens-trainers/nike/huarache/ can be selected. This page congregates all the Huarache sneakers and will again duplicate some of the sneaker names and colour from the previous 3 pages. This is an example of my target inner page that I want Google to rank for its relevant keywords, for example nike huarache.

    The homepage has always ranked well for various keywords for our best selling sneaker, the huarache but I'm looking long term and more in line with how Google likes to rank sites so I want to set the site up both on page and off page so the relevant inner pages rank for their relevant keywords instead of the homepage ranking for just one main set of similar keywords, at the minute none of my 6 main target inner pages rank anywhere worth mentioning in the search results for the relevant keywords, even long tail keywords.

    So what should I do in this scenario to help get my desired results? Do I even have an issue here with on site duplicate content or does just more links need building to my target inner pages before Google will rank them.

    Should I no index product-category/mens-trainers/ & product-category/mens-trainers/nike/ to cut down on duplicate content in the hope Google will instead lean towards ranking my target inner pages which are more specific and relevant to users searches anyway.

    Just to clear up I have a good knowledge of link building, which I started on this site in February 2015. So the site has a good and natural link profile which is improving month on month. My 6 main inner pages were added to the site around 3 months ago and are crawled frequently. On site SEO has been done for these pages and also I have built links back to them, not just to the homepage.

    I look forward to your comments.