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    *I'm new and am reading stickies as you read this post but any help is appreciated*

    I've been uploading for some time now and I'm not doing a good job getting my videos on the front of youtube or google. Here is what I've been doing:

    1. keyword research- I think this was my main problem as I learned that there is a youtube keyword research and not just a google keyword research. I used google research and choosed words with low competition with a lot of searches. But now that I used the youtube keyword research, some of those temrs aren't used on youtube. So my next plan is to try to find low competition in google search with searchres in both youtube and google. Sounds like a plan?

    2 - This is what I'm doing, I'm putting my keywords in both my title, discription, and tags. My discription is at least 1 paragraph and I make it an actrual paragraph without it looking spammy.

    3 - I use Viewet to increase my views and I use enhanceviews to add comments and likes and sometimes views. I'm also using the trial version of tubetraffic.

    4 - I'm using video responses, and I'm submitting my links to various bookmarking sites and some blogs, etc.

    Here are some things I've noticed about youtube. I've noticed that if its a new video, it sometimes appear on the front no matter what keyword is used for a limited ammount of days. What I don't know is why it appears on the front as "new." Also, is there anything about "keyterms" I should know about? I'm just picking random terms with low competition and a good ammount of searches. Whats this "landing page" term I'm hearing about?

    anyway, at this point, I think I'm close to getting my videos seen so plz especially comment on this - My next plan is to upload a video with tems on google with little competition and some monthly searches as well as youtube monthly searches. Submit my youtube links to a couple sites.

    Any advice is appreciated.
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