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On-Page SEO - Is it worth? [answer]

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by BlackBDO, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. BlackBDO

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    Jan 4, 2016
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    Hi guys!

    Today I had one of my the last exams on this semester, pharmacology. I have been gone away some days because I had a lot to study. Now I am back, and I want to come back with a small share to the BHW community. Maybe for some it's worth something what I'm about to share (I'm still new to the contributing and giving back to the comunity thing, but I do my best).

    Even tho I'm a PBN seller (and I should advertise off-page, because it's very important), today I'm going to show you what results I had, purely with on-page. 0 Backlinks, new URLs (7-10 days old).

    All KWs you see above are for different pages on a domain I recently bought (DA39, RD170, niche related).

    I bought it initially for the PBN without noticing the opportunity it had in the name, later whn I should have built it, I noticed that it had a partial KW in the domain name for a very popular product in the niche, so I decided to make some small tests.

    I posted 10x 1.2 - 2k content on each page, targetting different KWs.
    New URLs (I've not recreated the old ones).
    Some small silo structure, and at the start, content was not at all SEO optimized.

    First results?
    No rankings at all.

    So I decided to try and play with h1 tags, images, OBL to other authority sites, KW density, and I made some samll changes (different changes) to each page daily, to see the results in the next 2 days. I made changes every 2 days, and if I noticed good results, I made similar changes to all the pages.

    Product prices is around $2-300. I'd put it as a medium comp KW.

    The most important on-page SEO factor I noticed till now are:
    -KW in h1, variations in h2, h3.
    -KW density for the 3 word LSI < 0.6% and for 4+ <0.3-0.4%

    I will try in the future to learn even more about ON-Page, from doing small case studies every day, and coming up with a guide. I want to do this because I notice a lot of my customers (for PBN service) have bad on-page, and sometimes I try to help and explain to them what they should do (SOmetimes I even declined orders, because their current link-building or on-page was too bad, and my links were not worth imo).


    Because why spend $200 to rank your 3kMS KW from nowhere to #40, when you coudl do some on-page (free), and bump your KW to #50-60 and later use the PBN posts to go at #20?

    On-page is the cheapest way to rank, please don't ignore it!

    P.S. My pharma exam was horrible. One of the hardest exams I ever took, the expectations were unrealistic. I studied 1/5 as other students (But I usually get grades as goods at them with this amount of study). But I think 90%+ will fail this exam... I regret now I have not worked on IM more in the last days.

    On the other hand, I love the Sherlock quote: "You see but you don't observe", and also Sadhguru's Idea about "Paying attention".
    I noticed after the first 30 questions, that some answers had some formatting problems like:
    Question 1:
    a) answer
    b) answer
    c) (more blank space) Answer
    d) answer

    ANd I also noticed that on the first 30 questions, the bad ofrmatted one was the one I chosed as correct (on the topics I knew well). SO I tried to use this to my advantage as much as I could for the rest of this exam.

    As a person I respect a lot once said to me (I hope you are reading this mate): "Work smart, not hard".

    That's all for today folks, I hope to come back and share more in the future about on-page.
    I need to go and work on my PBNs now, customer's websites aren't going to rank themselves!

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    Jan 4, 2016
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