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    I'm experimenting with h2 tags right now on a fresh website. I made a topic page and have it ranking all over the place for about 60 keywords (not awesome just between positions 15 - 200). That being said the page is large, and so far about 1300 words of manual content from my brain, and growing. I have a logical structure to the page, and the content is engaging with bullet points yada ya (or at least to me since i made it).

    So here's my question >

    Can I have too many H2 tags? I've noticed all the keywords I put in the h2 tags are suffering in the serps and I think they should be doing better. However, keywords I just mentioned a couple times in the body are ranking, and pretty well for having zero links or social signals.

    Thank you!
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    From my belief, H2 shall actually emphasize the main keyword concept and not be the main keyword you are trying to rank for.
    I would even use the main keyword in both H1 and one H2 among several.

    I've talked a lot about it in the past but google works with concepts and association of concepts.

    The sum of concepts allow Google to classify the results according to relevant thematics.

    Now, when it comes to play with it, it is never easy but you get how it is working ;).

    Then, on the other hand you really want to avoid keyword stuffing of course.

    [EDIT] To illustrate my claims, take a word with several meaning, how does google know how to classify the same word but yet being relevant in the rankings. They will be using the associated concept of that word to define the true meaning.
    With that in mind, you should be able to write relevant content by emphasizing your main keyword by subkeywords to help google to define what the heck you are talking about (G. being a robot).
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    Depends, how many h2 tags are you currently using per article? I usually try to keep it to a minimal, only using it for maybe section titles throughout the article (if I have any). How many h2 tags I use is also dependent on how long the article is as well and how it's formatted. I kind of just like to put h2 tags where it just looks natural to have it.
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    Too Much of any Tag, H2 or anything is Not Good for On Site SEO Point of View. Like Use of Main keyword 3-5 time on One Page is Enough if You Use 10-12 Time Same keyword on 1 Page Repeated again & Again..it is Not Good On-Site.
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    No, you can't have too many h2 tags, but you can have too many h2 tags containing your keywords. Just don't keyword stuff your content. And if you are going to put keywords in your h2 tags, add other words to them to make them less apparent.
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    I would recommend against using multiples of any tags.