OMEGA and ROLEX watches CHEAP! {grade AAA}


Oct 14, 2009
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Hey guys, im wolesaling Replica Omega and Rolex watches. Since the replica watches are Grade AAA, they have the exact same quality as authentic omega and rolex watches.

-Watch comes in original packaging.

-Watch(es) are shipped within 24 hours after the payment is sent.
(Since I am new to this forum, I am willing to get approved by an admin or another staff member if it becomes necessary)

-Regular omega and rolex watches are sold for $500 + so this is an amazing bargain for re-sellers.


1-5 pieces: $85 each + shipping

6-15 pieces: $75 each + shipping

More than 15 pieces: $65 each + shipping

I only accept Paypal and the shipping costs are based on your location, so feel free to contact me if you want any totals (I will calculate the costs based on your location and the amount of pieces). Like i said before, you cant see or feel any difference between these and the authentic watches.
100% grade A quality. Im sure that all my buyers will be satisfied.

I will also be posting pictures as soon as possible. Contact me for any questions.
So are some of them made with real gold and real diamonds if they are of this quality let me know. Otherwise they are not "great quality"
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some of them are....not all but i will let you know which ones are if you buy.
sounds interesting PM me with some details

lmfao so fckn funny. at most 18k goldplating and thats if you are lucky...

no real diamonds, give me a fckn break.

and most of all. i can get these in the US on canal street for 65$ mine has 3 months in and is a 98% replica
these pieces are factory direct and they are grade AAA replicas.....When i post the pictures up you can see...I am hoping to get them up by later today or early tomorrow.

@iamazeme - like i said only certain pieces have gold plating or diamond studs...These pieces are naturally harder for me to get.
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I am waiting for pics
and whats the shipping cost to India
real rolex and Omega watches have gold plating on them, only the absolutely most expensive ones would even think of being made with solid gold, but its soo soft that I doubt they would do it.
If you want a real classy watch than go for Titan Edge. World's slimmest watch with decent look. Might cost around 170$
Few recent pics i took.. check them out..



Two recent Rolex watches...
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