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Jun 12, 2018
I had 2 blogs in the past for tests, just for put in practice what I was learning.

Now I'm planing a new website and still have beginner doubts.

My doubt is if I rewrite a post entirely, improving their quality and increasing their length, do I risk losing Google rankings or is it improve it?

* Sorry for my English mistakes :oops:

Thanks in advance!
No, I don't think that will happened. High % of originality rewrites ( over 80%) are considered an original.
You should also use "Display the Last Updated Date of Your Posts in WordPress" if you actually updating your content.
On my old websites, I used to go through my analytics data and update any articles that were getting little to no traffic by re-writing them. I never did a proper case study on it, although in my experience, re-writing the article only helped their rankings.

On a somewhat related note, there were some articles I would frequently update due to new information coming in about the topic. I always saw a nice increase in traffic to those articles whenever they were updated and I saw that for years. When I stopped updating them, they began losing traffic, as you could've expected.
Editing has a good effect on your rank.But if you want to post an entirely new article on your website or blogs then Google allows 0%of plagiarism but up to 20% of plagiarism works out but still I won't recommend it.Best practice will be to give backlinks of those articles to the new one.
I had also a blog for test purpose, implement every single things what I'm learning. Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend you that practice!
In some time there should an improvement so you may go with it. You will find a better result.
You should definitively update the old blog posts that are not ranking good. The way you do that is by checking what competitors are having that you missing. If they have more content than you, than you add more content. I'd suggest also to use a TF*IDF tool like PageOptimizerPro (POP) that will tell you in detail what your site is missing from the top spots.
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