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    Where am I supposed to build backlinks? I have been reading and reading and everyone says to post on blogs, forums, and such. But everywhere you go is nofollow and all i have been reading is if its nofollow then its nolink and no keyword. So where am i supposed to build links. Whats the frickin secret. I mean i keep seeing people with senuke and xrumer and stuff but where do these places get you such high backlinks. I mean social bookmarks are bringing me in little traffic cause people see it. But still its nofollow. Its nofollow everywhere. I know this is for spam. But can someone honestly tell me how to build backlinks. I dont have money to buy fancy automated software. I dont have very good grammar and suck at writing. Can someone tell me what to do besides pay 5 dollars on fiverrr for backlinks. Where can i get links that are ********. I just feel i have been wasting my time reading and reading and getting no where. Any help will be much appreciated.
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    I am getting ready to shut down for the night, but there is a Web 2.0 list that's kept pretty up to date on a thread here... I just don't have time to find it right now... there was a new one put out in Jan if I remember correctly and it has a butt load of Web 2.0s that are NOT nofollow...
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    Phpbuilt compiled an awesome list of Web 2.0s:

    Start by creating a bunch of Web 2.0's. Make sure they are quality, unique non spun content if you have the time. Start with that, then after it is done, look at other types of links. It sounds like you are getting Analysis Paralysis, so get your feet wet and start making some web 2.0 properties from the above list. Link them to your money site, then check the forum for some good lists - there are many good shares that will help. Also, remember, while you may be turned off by no-follow links, it is good (and "natural") to have a portion of your links as no-follow. So maybe just start with the web 2.0's, some no-follow links, and then have a good look at getting some do-follow.

    You say you aren't very good at writing - so practice. Practice practice practice, and by the time you are decent, you will have a bunch of content readily available for your web 2.0s...

    EDIT: Note: Many of the Web 2.0's in that list are indeed DO-follow
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