Ok...how can i set up a membership web site?

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    Ok...the thing is: i will launch a product. This product it's based on videos. All the videos will be uploaded on a membership web site, where the costumer can watch them. What the costumer actually buy it's the acess for this web site, and need to get there instantly after payment.

    So.. the questions are:

    1) What i need to do to set up a membership web site? This web site will receive A LOT of trafic (trust me, my product will kick ass,it's totally unique in my country's e-market) so, i need to have a stable system.

    2) I dont know how to build systems. So i'll need to use a software. Suggestions? Is there a good free one?

    3) The web site will have a great layout, but the way it operates will be pretty simple, actually. It will have just the videos, categorized by the phases of the program (the product it's a program, splited up in three phases). So, i don't need buy a super complex software, because the system it's simple. I need to know what software gives me what i need to operate this membership web site, with out having to pay a HIGH price for it. So...let's be direct: which software have the best price, considering the cost/benefit factor for a membership web site that it's professional,good looking, yet simple?

    4) This software(s) offer me the security that i need for my product?

    5) How the software operates?

    Ok..i know that it's a LOT of questions..and some of them are a little complex. But please help me. I need to know everything ASAP.

    Thank you VERY VERY much.

    I just love this forum. Best place to be in the net, with the best people.

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    You will need Optimize Press+Digital Access Pass(DAP)+Eazy Video Player