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    Hey guys. I registered awhile ago to explore the forum. So, biography time:

    In January I got my first bit of money from the internet: $86.00. Prior to that I had been all but unemployed (save for a stipend from a student representation gig--$50/month). I was living in one of the worst areas in the 'states for unemployment and had the misfortune of being in the 16-25 age bracket, reducing my odds of a job to nil.

    So, figuring it was better to take action than waste time I sought employment online. I figured people wouldn't run scams about it unless there really was a real angle, yeah?

    After a month of hit-and-miss I found a certain other forum-that-will-not-be-named and started pumping out SEO content for .50/100 words for whoever would let me work. I struck gold with one insatiable client and started pulling upwards of $600/mo. At .50/100 words. Never any better. Sometimes worse.

    This was well and good--better than NOT getting a job flipping burgers, any money is better than none--until, out of curiousity, I decided to see what my client was doing with my content.

    He was pulling more than a 5000% return. And that's when I realized that, even if I was free to work at 2-3AM when I was sharp, I was still a wageslave and wasn't getting anywhere.

    A few months later of trying and failing to break the cycle and I started earning more for my writing--1.50/100 words. Triple. But still hourly. Still limited by my focus and the hours in the day. And still working for abusive jerks.

    My cousin once told me "You'll never get rich working for anyone else". Wish I'd taken THAT to heart earlier.

    So, here I am. I've been browsing for awhile. I'm putting together my own methodology for ClickBank, seeing what works, what doesn't, taking it slow and not burning cash. I still have to write to eat. But not for long. The posters on this forum--too many to name--have pointed out too many useful things for me not to give back. As soon as I have something worth contributing, you'll hear more from me.

    Thanks all! <3
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    Hello MokaLatte:

    Welcome to the best Internet Marketing forum on the planet. You are fortunate to find us.

    There are lots of great money making ideas and lots of savvy, helpful members.

    Welcome to the family. Looking forward to your future contributions.


    Your New Friend - "WizGizmo"
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    Welcome, this forum is the best tool to help you to learn how to make the big bucks.