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    That's right. I'm the newest n00b on the block and I'll try not to be annoying.

    I have to admit I have no clue on what the concept is other than trying to find ways to market "things" to make money. I have a 9-5 job (actually it's a 12am-8am job) with a lot of free time during my work hours. I belong to a forum that kind of discusses a lot of everything but the idea of internet marketing came up and I've been looking for ways to either supplement or completely replace my job on the internet since that's where a lot of my time is spent.

    So selling articles.... what are these articles and why is anyone buying them? Is it a system where you sell people who don't know any better information that they can probably get for free if they were more intellectually gifted? I don't mean for this to sound cynical I'm honestly just not sure what's going on and I've been lurking here for a bit before deciding to join up.

    Seems like a pretty busy place, though... so there's got to be some shred of truth in all of this.
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    people normally buy articles because they want to use them on their sites (to gain more traffic) or they use them for build properties (i.e web 2.0s websites) and put links in the articles, those links will normally point back to their sites.

    Links is one of the indications search engines use in order to rank a website, so the more links a website have (or the more quality links a website has) the higher it will rank in google for search terms and the more traffic a website will get.

    Some people make websites and write high quality articles that get ranked high in Google and get "free" traffic and put up ads on their sites and make their money from the clicks on the ads that the traffic generates.

    People like to outsource the article writing/SEO coz sometimes they are too busy with other stuff (i.e 9-5).

    Thats a very basic over view of whats going on.

    Just go heads in.... start reading threads.... it will all make sense in a few weeks/months.
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    Maybe selling articles aint the best way to start making your first bucks online since that area is pretty much oversaturated as it is.

    Obviously you will make a few bucks overtime but im pretty sure your not after a few bucks.

    Affiliate/CPA marketing is were the money is and all you have to do is 'just' getting visitors.

    There are many ways to get visitors to your sites/links. Video marketing/social marketing/ppc (adwords etc.) and SEO (by ranking top spots on google).

    Every method obviously needs a different approach. I would suggest to go with the method you have already the best knowhow in and what you think you would like most.

    Go from there, be determined and be prepared for a lot of trial and error.

    Once you find a method working for you, duplicate your method at least 10 times and head over to a new method.

    Never lay all your eggs in one basket...

    Good luck jedi!

    Just noticed Madruga with a great post for noobs. Check it out: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...06-open-your-mind-noobs-choose-your-path.html
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