Offshore Hosting + Integrated Paypal makes sense ?


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Oct 3, 2015
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Hello everybody,

I plan to create a ecommerce shop where people can buy digital stuff via paypal -

The Problem is, i live in germany with all that retarted Laws and i dont want to publish private data in any way, so i plan to buy offshore hosting.

Does it makes sense to integrate my real paypal account thru offshore hosting, or it is easy for any lawyers to detect my country because of the paypal integration ?

Thanks in Advance!
The best way for this is probably open a LLC in Delaware get an US bank account and create an paypal account with your company bank account from delaware LLC.

This is probably the way to go.
Create a Payoneer account with US bank account, and you will be able to withdraw the money in Germany with mastercard. But paypal wont accept Payoneer bank, so you will need to accept direct payments from VISA, MASTERCARD ETC....
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