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Nov 23, 2009
Hi all,

You may have read my other thread about a URL I have that is very successful. Essentially the URL incorporates a brand and product name that is Trademarked. The site has hit #1 on google above the actual manufacturer and they have sent me a C&D.

I'm curious if I formed a company off shore, and activated privacy on the account, and moved the hosting to an off shore host (Caymens for example) would they still be able to trace the owner (me) of the site, and still enforce a shut down/transfer of the domain?

any advice on forming an off shore company and hosting recommendations would be appreciated. I have a TON of these URL's performing really well pointing to my money site (on line store)...

Thanks in advance.
I registered a domain offshore and privately, I can't think of who that was with at the moment it was like 18 months ago and I was selling something that had one ingredient in it that was banned. Funny thing was authorities could never really link the overseas private domain to me. I just stopped doing it cause I did not want the hassle but they could not prove I owned the site. Maybe that helps.
Thanks, if you do get chance to find out the name of the company that would be appreciated. Many thanks indeed.
Hi all,

I'm curious if I formed a company off shore, and activated privacy on the account, and moved the hosting to an off shore host (Caymens for example) would they still be able to trace the owner (me) of the site, and still enforce a shut down/transfer of the domain?

Thanks in advance.

I'm curious as well, how do you plan to pay for the registration and hosting without being traced? Aside from credit cards and paypal I'm not familiar with Western Union and the like.
If the company is structured correctly and you make the payment by WU, Liberty reserve or similar payment services, you can set the hole thing up anonymously with a 99,9% privacy protection.
Dont stress it too much by doing all sorts of get around work. just give the site and registration to somebody foreign you trust. send the company a letter saying you dont know what they are talking about you own no such domain.
[FONT=&quot]Private registration is not necessarily good enough - what is private for an individual is not necessarily private for 3-letter organizations. A simple way to add an additional layer of protection is to use a fake name generator. Then add privacy on top of that. Just remember the only link to your ownership would then be the email address that the registrar has. Make sure you apply a registrar lock on that domain - that should give you a notice when someone tries to hijack it.[/FONT]

About email service providers you should use an anonymous one - with receive capacity and at least one year of account life-time. Some are non-expiring, but if you prefer the features of a shorter termed one, you must make sure you update it with the registrar well before it expires, as you will need both accounts active during that time.
For an offshore setup you should ideally used another laptop + another service provider via prepaid mobile or neighbour's unsecured WIFI. And do check your computer. Run the MS Coffee on the computer(s) every 2 weeks or so. You might be surprised of the info that's available there. You should use nominee directors and shareholders. Is it worth the risk? Definitely not to save two grand. If you're talking 5 figures, maybe. But do your homework first.
Understood. I appreciate the feedback. ANy suggestions on such countries whereby a power of attorney can be appointed, with limited to zero tax and audit requirements are in place specifically?

Thank you all.
Why will you want to incorporate in Belize or BVI ? Those jurisdictions have signed tons of TIEA's and DTA's ????

There is so much one need to consider before a incorporation takes place, however, one of them ost important things are with which countries has the Offshore jurisdiction signed any TIEA and DTA ! Do your homework before you suggest anything to anyone.

The Seychelles is one of the few left who only have signed a single Tax information exchange agreement with the Netherlands this is nothing compared to BVI and Belize.

I was in the same position as you are here got ton's of advise from different forums so I made my own research and found out that it needs a lot of knowledge or the right people to help you in order to accomplish this and to avoid any troubles in the newar future.

One article that helped me and which I was pointed to by a company is this one: (please remove the link if it is considered spam) - now after reading I made my own research to be sure that this wasn't another "fake" misleading information and to my positive surprise it went out to be true...

Im currently in a very gray zone business and can't risk my identity to be revealed so I had to take these steps to protect my privacy.

I hope it helps.
Perfect. I myself am about to delve into something where my tax, auditing and personal details are a matter of security :D

This is good research.
This was very helpful information, thank you very much. It's hard to find out a good offshore host but Ruthsam, you seem to have really researched and found the best one available.
this is tough. there's no simple answer to that. it all depends on many things, the package you decided to buy (with the offshore company), if the company is set up on your name or if you have set up the foundation for instance. I'm still learning this stuff, but I also see that RuthSam has some broad knowledge of it;)
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