Offlinesuccess without any jobs done [awesome?]

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    Hey everybody,

    in an other thread I started I told you that I made bout 200,000€ with CPAs. I bought an Audi Q7 with that money (sure just a part of it).
    I went to a friend which is a "tuner". He works with rich customers, no car in there is under 100,000€. Maclaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari and stuff. He made my car matte black and 23" wheels on it.
    Today he asked me to do some online things for him. He wants a facebook fanpage. Another friend of mine which has been with me told him that Im doing ORM with places. And I also told that I could bring his website on the first page of google. He said "cool" and I will work out some prospals for him. I think that 7878s and tacticals thread will help me alot.
    But what should I charge?

    Thoughts for Facebook:
    270€ setup fee
    47€/m maintance, upload of new pictures of his cars and stuff

    Thoughts for places:
    He allready got it but no reviews. I could give him some positive reviews. All about his interrests.
    20€/review, I dont think that 7878s website plus cards would be that effective. But I would earn more with it.

    Thoughts for SEO:
    He is ranking for his name but thats it. There are NO searches for "tuning CITYNAME" and just a few for citys arround.
    What do you think?
    He could be a powerful referal so Ill tell him the 10% thing of tacticals business :)

    Any advices? :)

    Edit: the awesome thing on it: they knew I made money with online stuff and ask me to work for them. Another friend wants me to build an ecommerce for his designer cloths which are selling 300+ for a single tshirt.
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    Here is my opinion:
    Sell all the services to him, just not separate. Put them all together into a package. For example: "I can provide all of these to you at @ $597/month, that's $300 less then what I normally charge people"

    As far as pricing goes, I say you milk him for money. If every car in his garage is worth more then $100,000 a piece then he must be making quite a bit of money. If your ranking him on Google then YOUare bringing him a lot more money. Therefore you can bill him for more money.
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    You can definitely bill him for $1k a month. At the minimum.
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    Dec 4, 2011
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    You was so successful with CPA and now you are thinking how much you can get from your friend? And under the 1000€ ? :confused: