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    Hi all,

    This is my first proper post here on BHW and wanted to start a discussion on offline systems with you and see if any of you have this same set up in your offline business.

    Typically when I provide a service to a client it will be based off of a "system". The system I use could be optimizing a website, building back links or creating videos but the way I look at them all is as a business system.

    The thing is my VA would do all the tasks for me - she would follow a system for a client and then move onto the next system and so on. The problem I have though is if my VA leaves I won't have anyone to work my systems.

    So at the very start of a system I develop I create Camtasia videos where I walk through the steps of what I need done for a particular "system". I don't make the video aimed at my VA I make it for a general audience - so if the VA leaves then all my new VA has to do is watch the videos to learn the systems - in my mind I "Do the work once and get paid over and over".

    Some systems that work very well for me right now:

    Going to websites - grabbing images, creating slideshow videos, uploading to youtube and audioswapping them - then emailing a potential client. This is a great lead generating system.

    Another "system" is the Offline Nuke method style email. Blast an email out offering a free website review. Those that take up the offer my VA will create a powerpoint presentation of some pointers that they can improve on their website. Works really well too.

    Another good "system" is scanning the local papers in my home town and looking at the big adverts. Then Google their business to see if they've verified their Google Places listing or not. If not I pick up the phone and make contact.

    So, I really like to think of my business as systems rather than tasks or processes. I'm curious to know if others do this as systems also?

    Would appreciate a share of some of your systems you systematize ;) in your business.

    Peace out