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[Offline&Online] 30k Before I Enter College

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by the519, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. the519

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    Feb 4, 2013
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    This is a weekly journey I will be filling out that will out line or go indeph (depending on my laziness :p) my journey of gaining 30k before college. I'm confident enough in my skills to understand that this is 100% doable. I hope that by creating this thread I will inspire some people and learn something from the intelligent user's of BHW.

    College starts Mid Feb For me btw.

    Background information:
    My name's Bryan and I'm 17 years old residing in Canada. I started up my IM career in the seventh grade, making money by selling club bing accounts to a forum, to feed my love for fashion (yes I spent all 600$ on brand name clothes). I discovered the WF (biggest mistake of my life) and blew hundreds of dollars in the WSO section. I learned a lot though. I made my big break on eBay by making a five figure income in less than 6 months. But now that my main eBay account has been suspended for past account relations, I've adapted and am now looking for extra streams of income.

    Why 30k?

    • Vacation to Europe to 'discover myself' - 6,000
    • 2011 Used Honda Civic - 10,000
    • School funds for 3 years - 10,000
    • College Laptop - 500
    • Driving School - 500
    • Parents plane tickets - 3000

    Stream of Income #1 - Offline Marketing
    Consists of providing local businesses with SEO, web design, social marketing & mobile websites. I've joined up with a buddy of mine to complete this venture because I look like I'm 12 and that doesn't give credibility towards a business giving me hundreds of dollars. He's a lot older and more charismatic than I am. It's the 'brains and bronze' type of relationship. I'm working on ranking this month so I can build so sort of credibility. This venture was created Feb 2.

    *Deadline for Goal of Ranking top 5 for all four keywords*
    Feb 28th

    Week 1 Progress Report:
    Bought a wordpress theme off a WSO and created the website.
    Created 300-400 word articles for each service page.
    Optimized the website and integrated the keywords that I wanted to rank for in content.
    Website indexed on Google within 2 days.
    Created 6 classified ads, 4 of which were taken down due to duplicate content.
    Bought a gig for backlinks that hasn't been implemented yet.
    One potential client looking for mobile/seo/web design.

    Weekly Ranking Report:
    Keyword #1 - Page 3
    Keyword #2 - Page 6
    Keyword #3 - Page 15
    Keyword #4 - Page 6

    Weekly Goal - Implement SEO Blue Print to my website
    Weekly Goal Progress - Created 2x400 Word Articles for web 2.0 blogs.

    Kimi's SEO blue print

    Investment so far:
    Stream of Income #2 - Runescape (LOL)
    Consists of botting multiple accounts on Runescape and selling the in game currency. Currency will be sold through in-game currency auctions and game related forums. This holds less priority and does not require much strategy so there will be less updates concerning it. This venture was started January 08 13.

    Progress Report from January 08 13:
    40 Accounts created.
    Bought trial memberships for 20 of those.
    - 70$ worth of in game currency sold locally
    - 300$ worth of in game currency in stock if sold .3/per mill

    April 23 13 Goal
    Buy Sponsorship to run unlimited account ($150 ish?)
    Create 100 Accounts
    Purchase 100 Trial Memberships (200$)
    Use bot that makes 200k per hour

    7$ for multiple bot use
    Stream of Income # 3 - e-Bay
    Lowest priority so far since I have a 21 day fund hold on all accounts. I'm working on establishing feedback. Venture was created Dec. 23 12.

    Progress so far:
    Bought vps server
    Bought 4 vsa gift cards
    Created 4 stealth accounts
    150 sold locally
    1,200 Made through online sales

    30 for
    100 for gift cards (which I resold)
    Roughly 200 for shipping
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  2. giftedwizard

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    Mar 2, 2011
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    work smarter not harder
  3. the519

    the519 Newbie

    Feb 4, 2013
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    It'd be nice of you to elaborate on that :)
  4. ArtVandelay

    ArtVandelay Power Member

    Jan 15, 2013
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    Subscribed to this thread. I respect and admire you for taking action.;)