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    Hello my fellas,

    me and my girl are developing a ecommerce website, we using oscommerce and a template for it. The products will be all dropshipped by sites like dealextreme and chinanewfashion. I know the competition in ecommerce are very tigh so to get customers i have an idea today and im gonna explain it to you guys.

    Instead of do the maketing of my store only Im gonna talk with the local stores owners to put the products of him in the site. If I can convince a lot of people to put for free their products in the site i'll gonna get a lot of traffic for free and my site will gonna be famous in the city.
    So my products and the local stores products will gonna be in the site and with the time i'll going to charge this guys.

    I dont know if this can work, its just an idea on how to make the offline marketing effective and with no cost - better than this we can make money with the time if the store owners want to keep their products on the site.

    Any comment or idea will be welcome.