Offline Marketers! $500+ A Day - Bring Clients for Hot Services..

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    Offline Marketers! Bring Clients for Hot Services..

    * If you have established clients, this is FOR YOU to make some extra dough
    * If you are going to start in offline business, this is FOR YOU, but you must bring sales skills, or must be willing to do the sales stuff.

    TOTAL OFFLINE FACTORY is right here..

    Google Maps, SEO, New Websites, Mobile Sites, Social Media - Everything..

    WORKS BEST in USA/CA/UK , OR for people who can cold call those countries.


    * This is the offer posted at with a better TITLE and description.
    ** $500+ a day is entirely dependent on the amount of skills, planning and work, and it can fluctuate.

    Hello Everyone,

    Some of you might know me and some of you don't, but I am a Internet Marketer for sometime. I have setup my own company here in Sri Lanka with a good investment some time back, and its going strong here. We mainly work for small businesses in the US and some in the UK. The problem we face is that all of our current contracts are sourced through email, and we are limited in terms of phoning (for accent differences) and obviously for being present there in-person, which is very important for high priced projects.

    So what I basically seek is to 'SELL' the following services to local businesses, either by cold calling, or by being present in-person, whatever that fits you the best.

    Earning potential is unlimited. Lets say you market the FREE Custom Website offer, in which the clients get a fully featured website designed FREE with they are only paying the hosting fees for 12 months upfront - that is there only cost. If we can charge them just $300, we will split exactly half of it with you, with advanced real-time tracking stats for you. We will even provide you leads lists who does not have a website, and also targeted websites upon request. For example, if you want to target chiropractors, we will give you a demo site to show them, or to sell that exact site off. We can prepare a demo upon request.

    So basically, if you can call up business leads I give you, describe the promotion and close some sales, you are right on the money! Just closing one sale will net you $100+.

    To get an idea, look at the following promotion from a company - My Free Website Offer - Free Premium Customized Websites

    If you read through that site, you'll gain enough points to call up and close sales. Secondly, you will also get a similar website, a virtual terminal for accepting credit cards (upon request and based on performance), and a personal tracking ID setup for you, so you can start right away.

    WE ARE LOOKING FOR ONE PERSON IN EVERY AREA - So please send in your details via PM or email.

    Following are some of our services that you can resell. Remember, EVERY service will give you 50% commission, and if its a residual plan, you will earn residual commissions, in exchange to maintaining a healthy relationship with the customers.


    1) Local Google Listings Service: This is an in-demand service for the local business owners and with the latest modification of SERPs, there is even more weight placed into the local listings. We can charge around $400 for a local listing for example, and can maintain a first page ranking for a monthly fee. To remind you, with whatever we do together, we are happy to pay half of the revenue. And we can get clients on a post-pay basis most of the time, to make the decisions easy on their part.

    2) New Web Design Service: Described above - Basically, giving away FREE websites for small business who do not have a website yet, and billing only for the hosting in the back-end. This is a hotseller, and it is described above.

    3) SEO services: We can get a client to the Top 10 SERPs, within 3 months officially, but within 14-30 days in most cases. Can arrange for monthly services.

    4) Social Media Services: Another in-demand service, which includes Advanced Twitter and Facebook Fanpage services with FBML and frames. Examples are provided per campaign - for example, if you are going to target pizza delivery services, we will give you a similar fanpage for you to show them. Based on facebook's popularity, you can just show this demo to any business, its just that convincing them that they need a page and you have a sale!

    5) Mobile web design: Make the exisiting websites mobile friendly, and this is accomplished by designing a different version for mobiles, and redirection is based on the device used to access the site. With mobile internet usage in masses, this service is also in high-demand.

    Resources / Aids

    1) High-Speed Data Collection Dedicated Servers: We can give you an instant list of, say, 500 plumbers in new york with no websites (or plumbers WITH websites to market other services), for you to call up, derived from various sources, and THEY ARE ENSURED TO BE FRESH LEADS.
    2) Mailing Servers: We can inbox any quantity of targeted emails as needed - I dont mean spam here - But I have the resources for targeted lists.
    3) Mockup / Demo design: When you want to show a design to a client, we can come up with a demo design very quickly.
    4) Professional LICENSED SEO Software - Such as SENuke, BMD etc.
    4) Many BlueFart Tools: Xrumer/Scrapebox and many other tools: Advanced BlueFart tools only used when everything else fails, WITH the permission of the customer.
    5) Virtual Credit Card Terminal: Arranged upon request to close sales over the phone.
    6) Advanced and Transparent Tracking: Arranged per campaign.

    And a lot more. You can discuss with us via Messenger, Phone , IM or Email.

    Fahad Hassen (BSc in Computing and IT)
    Chief Executive Officer
    Clickingz Website Consulting, LLC
    No. 114, Marikkar Street,
    Kalutara South.
    0094 77 9099849
    Skype / Yahoo: fahadhassen
    Email: [email protected]
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