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    what? I gotta have a job?
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    So here is the deal. I live in a small town (12K people) but we have become a traffic magnet due to our location. The town has a lot of elderly and a high number of unemployed. No I will not take advantage of the towns people, I don't have to.

    My first foray into this market is with a classifieds ads website - [​IMG]. I am going to pay people $5 for each item they list for sale on the website (minimum list price $100 and I choose what I pay to list). Up to 40 people or 40 items total (minimum spend $200). There are a lot of estate sales here (people who have passed) so there is quite a bit of high dollar furniture for sale (if you live in my town and know about it - up to $500 per piece and more for antiques). I have a trader-type person who will take the pictures and upload the info to the website - he gets 50% cut of my portion of the sale price. Two days ago I saw this guy flip two Texaco signs (4 foot round) for $175 each, plus a couple other lower-priced antiques.

    I am starting with a 30% [edited out 35%] cut of the sale price for the website, which I will split with the guy listing the items. People who list items directly on the site pay $5 each.

    For traffic I am starting by placing 3 signs right across from the McDonald's drive-thru - the part looking straight ahead to my signs, and where everyone has to stop (just before paying). Traffic is non-stop here. After 10 minutes I already have a unique visitor. Probably mobile so mobile will be a big part of this gig. Unfortunately my website is not geared for mobile. Fortunately the business whose grass I placed the signs on is closed on Sunday (today, as I didn't ask them yet). Good thing is this is in back of their property so I can probably pay them to keep the signs there.

    Yes this is a journal about offline/online hybrid so I placed this under offline marketing.

    I will also advertise in the local 4-page newspaper, if you can call it a newspaper, but that is next week.

    I will also be advertising other businesses on the website once I start getting traffic.

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    Best of luck to you my friend!