Offline JV... Invest, 20% ROI

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    This is the scenario in which I need an investment which will be returned in 1-2 months MAX. I am starting a mobile car detailing business in which I already have the vehicle ready and equipment needed to run the business. Also I have the clients lined up as soon as I am ready to start (40+) which have said they will come back at least twice monthly. The investment needed is for gas to run the vehicle for the first month and chemicals such as wax, microfiber cloths, rubbing compound, and some other chemicals as needed and refills.

    Since I already have over 40+ clients ready to come back at least twice a month with the following prices.

    $30 basic
    $50 basic + wax
    $70 basic + wax + head light renew + etc.

    At $30 basic this is $1200 or so a month which return will be investment plus $150-200 up to $300-400. I am looking for $500-600 investment one time and you will receive $650-1000 back in 2 months. This is very legit and legal just need start up cash to get the vehicle running on the road. If you are interested in my JV please send me a PM.