(Offline) donation candy box vending route. Opinions?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by counselor_X, Sep 26, 2016.

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    So I was browsing my local craigslist business section and came across an ad for this. I'm wondering if anyone has ever seen anything similar and how successful you think it might be. I'm in no way affiliated with this site and I don't mind sharing it because it would only be saturated if someone from my town got into this which is highly doubtful. Here it is: http://charityvending.org/vending-programs/acrylic-display-program/

    So, they sell 25 candy/charity boxes for $400 with 25 guaranteed local placements. They have hired telemarketers to get these placements, and since it's "for charity," I would think they'd get business owners to accept the placements pretty easily. They also say that if you get a dud that rejects the placement, they will replace it for free.

    I suppose you could create your own candy boxes and do the telemarketing yourself and save the $400.

    Anyway, anyone have any experience with this type of thing? I'm always highly skeptical of everything but this doesn't sound like too bad of an idea, especially since it's total autopilot after you get your placements.

    Their business model itself isn't bad either, selling 25 candy boxes for $400, but I have no idea how much the telemarketing is costing them as I have no experience with that.