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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by ZonkDonkey, Jun 18, 2011.

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    I'm looking to test CPA offers on multiple major newspapers. A little birdie told me they had some success with it. (Plus some of the people on BHW have posted their success)

    All I want to do is mimic their success, but on a larger scale. I also dont want to carry all the risk as the cost per ad can get a bit expensive.

    I have the CPA, and will track the leads. I will also set up the domain with redirect to the CPA. We can use Skype or Teamviewer for you to see the progress and authenticity.

    The idea here is to test this tried method for ourselves. If it works out, then we will look at growing nation-wide with multiple CPA offers throughout each major newspaper and other media. This has the potential to become lucrative.

    I will limit the number of people that can take part of the JV. The minimum contribution is $100

    If your seriously interested and understand the risks involved, please send me a PM

    Before you ask... I we will exchange contact information before doing business. If you would like any other information or contract furnished, we can arrange that. I'm not here to take anyones money, but to see if we can multiply it. Trust is hard-earned, but I all parties involved will require a level of trust before doing business.

    **Please also make sure that you understand that there is always risk involved when testing methods. I cannot guarantee that we will make a profit. Please be honest with yourself before expressing interest in this JV**