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    Hello all,

    I hope it's okay I crossposted this to the CPA and Offline forums. If that is taboo, mods can go ahead and delete this one, as this forum has less traffic.

    I'm fairly new to this game, but I have several killer ideas for offline marketing using CPA promotions. My only concern, however, is that my methods for driving traffic will obviously generate extremely high (95%+) conversions -- since if someone bothers to type in the URL from a flyer or business card describing the offer, they will almost certainly complete the process. So, my questions are as follows:

    1) Will the high conversions be a problem for the network? I have to imagine that seeing such high conversions from a new signup, they would assume I'm simply entering fake leads myself through proxies and ban me quick -- before I get paid, of course.

    2) Will working offline in general be a problem for the networks, on the whole? Are there some networks that explicitly allow / disallow offline marketing, and which ones would these be?

    3) I'm in a major metropolitan area, and there are several large universities nearby. I plan to do some of my marketing on these campuses. The problem is that several of these campuses have large, free wi-fi networks for their students and guests -- so a great deal of my traffic will come (from the network's POV) from the same IP or IP range. Will this be a problem?

    Thanks in advance. These forums have provided me with a ton of great information so far, and with these final pieces to the puzzle I'll be on my way. I promise to pay you all back with my ideas if they work out :)
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    What I suggest you do is email your affiliate manager asking him/ her if it's okay for you to do offline marketing also tell them where you'll be advertising. If they give you the okay then there shouldn't be a problem with your offline methods.

    I only dealt with CPA briefly so I don't know that much about it. Hopefully some other BH members will be able to give you better advice. :)
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    i tried some offline methods myself and looks like they didnt bother the traffic. I think exatcly opposite that they were happy with the people who filled-in cause they were really interested.
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    the IP problem is an answer im interested in, since most of my traffic comes from the same city/state.
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    1. High conversions won't be a problem if before hand you speak to your affiliate manager and ask him if it's ok. He will inform the merchant of what you are going to do so all will be fine. That's assuming they allow you to run the traffic, this depends on network/merchant/offer etc.

    2. Almost all networks will say that they don't allow offline marketing. However, if you have a good relationship with your affiliate managers then you can work out anything. This is especially true with the smaller networks, most of the time the large, long established networks won't budge on this.

    3. This depends on the offer. If it's a lead gen or email/zip submit offer it might be a problem, again speak to your AM and get them to speak to the merchant so they know what to expect beforehand. If your running a pay per sale product or credit card free trial offer then the IP's won't matter.