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    My mid life crisis is truly in full swing now, although have been accused of having mid life crisis since I was 20, so I decided to rewrite my bucket list and how I went around it, maybe other would share their lists.

    HOW TO

    Write down a list of 100 things you would like to do before you die, try and not put obstacles in your way such as wanting to own your own home, but something stops you from writing it down because of it seems out of reach.

    I read once to do this we need to think like primary school kids - if you go into a primary school and ask a class of kids who can draw, 90% will raise their hands, but ask the same question to a class of adults you will be lucky to see 1, apparently this changes around high school time for some reason.

    Now once you have a list - draw 3 circles, one inside the other , small, medium and larger, each circle will represent a time - inner circle = 1 year, middle circle = 5 years, outer circle = 25 years.

    Now drop your list in to each one of these 3 categories.
    I know of only 1 person to every complete the 25 year list, so it must be fairly rare.

    Here is my top list in no particular order.

    1) Learn a language - (Been learning German for 3 years - but except this is a 25 year goal)
    2) Live/work in another country for min of 1 year (ideally Berlin or Munich).
    3) Travel World - Backpacking sound good to me - anyone fancy this PM me.
    4) Marathon - hopefully this year - never done anything like this before but I run approx 20 miles regularly.
    5) IronMan event - im a shit swimmer, so this may take some time.
    6) Seven wonders of the world - seen 4 of them, looking to go to India, Peru and Brazil - again PM me if interested in a travel buddy.
    7) Live on desert island - or live off the land/grid for set period of time.
    8) New Years eve Sydney harbour
    9) Visit Angkor Wat
    10) Visit Teotihuacan.