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Discussion in 'CPA' started by Soudy, Oct 16, 2012.

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    Hey guys I'm noobish to CPA I'm but looking for some networks or paths I think they are called that once you submit to one another one loads automatically, with them looking similar. I believe that's called a Co-Reg path I think.

    for example, like first offer is first name last name and maybe email. Then 2nd offer is zipcode(only zip not a second page -if possible idk) then 3rd offer is email only again.

    but these will be iFramed but I want them to load the next offer after each submit if possible, again still new to CPA I'm so I'm still looking into al my capabilities.

    i have a niche site where it generates 30k-40k unique hits per month and 50% fill out forms(previously it was a lead form into my system to collect emails and contact to email and call to offer my niche monthly service), so having them in an iFrame and load one after another would be awesome!

    So my questions are:

    a) can I load multiple offers one after another in an IFrame?
    b) are there offers with JUST email or JUST zipcode no 2nd pages? If so, where should I look for them? Any key words etc
    c) is iFraming an offer with the majority of the offer cropped out only showing the lead form and privacy policy bad ethics? Or illegal ? Where can I find networks that allow such traffic ?

    any advice in any of these departments would be great! Thanks guys !
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    none of the higher quality CPA networks will allow you to Co-Registration (You are not allowed to capture the permission of a user to sign up to this offer while they are in the process of signing up to something else. All leads must be uniquely submitted by the user themselves.)
    or iframe the submit form of the offer

    edit: im sure its possible, but expect to get banned from the cpa network
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    I'm kind of confused on what your asking but Peerfly has a ton of e-mail submits. A lot of them are $1.40 for only the e-mail submit.