Offering various private tracker invite of your choice for some help.

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    May 25, 2012
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    Hi guys, I'm very new to SEO and website creation and have a blog that I need to turn into a website where I will be posting content, pictures and related stuff for my niche like giveaways, advice, ideas, original photos, stuff like that.. I have been reading plenty of threads here at BHW but I just want to ask one thing, I need to know what to make my domain name for my site, just what are the criteria for a good white-hat blog with great original content and pictures - should I pick something that isn't searched for ever, like a combination of words that never gets searched, and will become popular if my website takes off, or should I pick something with my niche name and then other descriptive words after that, or will I never rank in google this way?

    I have an account on some great private trackers with invites to give from about 4 different big private trackers - movie tracker, music tracker, games tracker and 2 tv trackers. All are my own personal accounts and I'd just like a little assistance with this and you'll get an invite to a great tracker of your choice. Can send you tracker proofs on gmail if you want. If you can give me advice with this on Gtalk, please respond to this thread. Would love to give someone an invite who will use it. Thank-you.